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Lease End

It’s hard to believe the lease on your BMW is almost over. We hope you have enjoyed driving your BMW and the relationship you have developed with Valley BMW. You have two options; purchase your BMW or return it and hopefully replace it with another BMW from Valley BMW.

If you elect to purchase your BMW, there are several options your lease end advisor can review with you, including; extending your Ultimate Service Program, Certified Pre-Owned coverage and financing.  Please contact Mark Foreman in our Finance and Lease-end department to review these options.  Our goal is to make the end of your Valley BMW Lease as easy as when you took delivery of your vehicle.

You’re Responsibilities

Just as when you rent a car when traveling, BMW Financial Services expects to get the car back in good condition. In the Lease you agreed to: Vehicle Maintenance, Service, Repairs, and Reconditioning, you agreed to maintain, service, repair, and recondition the Vehicle during the Lease Term with new and genuine manufacturer's original equipment replacement parts as recommended in the Vehicle owner's manual.
Vehicle Return

If you did not purchase the Vehicle, you agreed to return it to the place you specify with all parts and accessories and in good working order. Upon return you agreed to complete and sign an odometer disclosure statement and a vehicle inspection report, which may be used in determining any excess wear and use/or excess mileage. 

Excessive Wear and Use
You agreed to pay the cost of all repairs to the Vehicle that are not the result of normal wear and use, whether or not we actually repair the Vehicle. Excessive wear and use includes, but is not limited to:
Inoperative electrical or mechanical parts; Dented, scratched, chipped, rusted, pitted, broken or mismatched body parts, paint, vehicle identification items, trim or grill work; Non-functioning, scratched, cracked, pitted or broken glass or lights; Missing equipment, parts, accessories or atonements; Torn, damaged, burned, or stained interior; Repair of any damage that makes the Vehicle unlawful or unsafe to drive; Damage due to installation or removal of non-manufacturer, aftermarket or replacement parts; Damage (including damage to the engine) due to failure to maintain the Vehicle in accordance with Section 22; or Tires with tread depth of less then 1/8 remaining at the shallowest point, and or tires that are not all of the same grade, quanity or quality as those delivered with your vehicle.
Turn In
When you return the car to Valley BMW, we will have you sign an Odometer Statement, which is required by BMW Financial Services as well as the State of California. When you leased your BMW, you agreed to drive a certain number of miles. If you happen to drive the car more than expected, BMW Financial Services will charge you the amount you agreed to in the Lease. A final inspection will be performed. Please make certain you bring both remote keys with you. If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact Mark Foreman  who will help you through this process.
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